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Commercial Shipping: Three Important Tips for Acquiring Custom Wooden Pallets

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If you are looking for wooden pallets for material-handling and shipping, you should opt for standard units. In general, using standard pallets is beneficial because they are widely available on the market. Therefore, the cost of purchase will be relatively low, and it will not be hard to find a supplier. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use a regular pallet. If you have loads which cannot be accommodated or handled by this type, you will need to acquire custom pallets. If this is your case, consider using these tips for the best results.

Understand Your Shipment

When customising a pallet, evaluate the shipment. In simple terms, you must acquire a unit which perfectly matches the special goods. It is advisable to discuss your precise requirements with your custom pallet supplier for optimal cargo protection. The shape and size of the load is obviously a major consideration. It is important to determine the best dimensions for the structure. If you are not certain about the pallet sizing, provide visual images as well as the measurement details.

There are other shipment factors which will influence the design and build of the pallet. The weight is a critical concern if you are planning on handling an overweight item. Keep in mind that overly heavy goods can cause damage to regular pallets. Therefore, a customised pallet will need to be reinforced. Fragile goods will also require additional support from the shipping unit. In this case, you will need to make sure that the load is kept stable to prevent damage due to constant shifting during transit.  

Think about Production

If you are planning on using custom pallets for regular shipping, you must think about the production of the units. In simple terms, you must ensure that your pallet supplier can meet your needs. Otherwise, there will be interruptions in your commercial operations. Ideally, you should consult with your fabricator on the number of units which will be required over a specific period of time. Also, ensure that there will be enough materials for long-term production.

Evaluate the Expenses

Finally, the cost of acquiring custom pallets for commercial shipping can be considerably high. If you do not understand the expenses, you might fail to manage your finances optimally. In general, the cost of the structures will depend on wood supply, design specifications and delivery. You can reduce your total costs by simplifying the design to promote the use of less wood. Also, consider ordering in bulk where necessary for discounts and free delivery. 

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