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Restaurant Kitchen Fitouts: What You Should Know About Customised Kitchen Benchtops

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Whenever you walk into your favourite restaurant, you first check the menu if you are unsure what to eat. You will then signal the waiter and order your choice of food. Within a few minutes, your dish is ready and at your table. But do you know the challenges the cooks go through to make your order? Probably not.

Only those working in busy restaurants can attest to the pressures in the kitchen as they try to serve the incoming orders. Therefore, as a restaurant owner, you need to provide ample space for your cooks to move freely. That is where restaurant kitchen fitouts come in. Through solutions like customised kitchen benchtops, you can have ample working and storage space. Read on to learn more:

1. The Types of Customised Kitchen Benchtops Available

The good thing with these benchtops is the vast array of options available. Your installation company can take you through the designs so you can select the best design. Here are the common designs available:

  • Wet benches

  • Dry benches

  • Splashback benches

  • Corner benches

  • Bench accessories

  • Double sink benches

  • Single sink benches

  • Configured benches

  • BBQ benches

  • Mobile benches

2. Advantages of Restaurant Benchtops

There are many benefits that come with getting restaurant benchtops, including the following:

You Can Configure the Dimensions

Conventional kitchen equipment takes up a lot of space, limiting the working area. Thus, having benchtops that can be customised according to your kitchen space and needs is an excellent idea.

You Have Varying Designs to Choose From

Another advantage of these restaurant kitchen fitouts is the variety of designs available. As seen above, you can go with anything from dry benches, wet benches, BBQ and mobile benches, depending on your kitchen design and preference.

They Are Long Lasting

Kitchen benchtops are mainly made of steel. As you may already know, steel is a durable material and is not easily affected by rust. Also, steel tops are easy to clean. That means you won't be budgeting for new kitchen benchtops anytime soon.

You Can Prepare Any Foods on It

These restaurant kitchen fitouts allow you to prepare any food you want on them. Remember, they are made from stainless steel, so they do not get discoloured due to food stains.

3. Ways You Can Configure Kitchen Benchtops

You can add a sink and other insets as required. A professional installation company can design, fabricate and install the benchtop with a sink. To make the work even easier, you can have a dishwasher installed at an efficient level for easy loading. To complete the look, add a shelf above the installation or cabinets and accessories underneath.

If your kitchen space feels too squeezed, you should consider these kitchen fitouts. Not only are they easy to clean, but they also add space for the smooth running of kitchen duties.