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4 Tips for Getting Longer Life from Your Goal Posts

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Goal posts cost a lot of money and can cause serious injuries if poorly maintained. These two factors create a compelling case for taking adequate steps to prolong the mint condition of goal posts after they have been purchased. This article discusses some measures which you can take to get a long life from your goal posts.

Buy a Torque Wrench

Poor goal post assembly is one of the common causes of injuries and shortened goal post life. Hardware which is loosely assembled can give way and cause a component to fall on a player. Excessive tightening can also cause the hardware to be stripped. These two extremes can be avoided by acquiring a torque wrench if you don't have one. This tool enables you to assemble the different components in accordance with the specifications/guidelines of the manufacturer.

Use Rust Inhibitors

It is rare to find goal posts which are made from only one type of material. For example, goal posts which were made from aluminium may have hardware which is made from steel. It is advisable for you to apply a rust inhibitor on the hardware. The inhibitor will prevent the components from corroding. It will also seal the components so that water doesn't get into the tiny spaces and cause the goal posts to deteriorate from the inside out.

Indoor Storage

It is also a good idea to store your goal posts indoors during any extended periods when the goal posts will not be used, such as during the winter break. People who cannot store their goal posts indoors should find ways to protect them from the elements. For example, you can use a tarp to cover the goal posts after placing them against your fence or exterior wall. Such sheltered storage reduces the exposure of the goal posts to damaging UV radiation and rain.

Periodic Inspections

Make sure that you inspect the goal posts regularly, such as at the end of each playing season. Pay special attention to connection points and weld joints. Touch up any deteriorated paint and repair any other damage which you notice. Always document these inspections and repairs so that you can track the performance of the goal posts. Replace the goal posts when the cost of maintaining them becomes so high that it makes sense to get new ones.

Different types of goal posts have specific care and maintenance activities which have to be performed. Read the manual of your goal posts and follow the care guidelines given. Contact a company like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd for additional advice.