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Tips for Advertising Your Web Business in Real Life

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If you have an online business, you may still want to advertise that business in real life. The right signs can help drive people to your website and boost your sales. Wondering what kind of signs to consider and where to display them? Take a look at these tips.

Advertise Your Website in Your Storefront

In some cases, online businesses are an extension of a brick-and-mortar business. In those situations, you need a sign in your storefront advertising your website. Make sure to display these signs prominently throughout the store as well as outside the building so you can catch passersby.

Inside the building, the signs should share your web address, but they should also promote any extras offered by the website. For instance, if you have more inventory, colours, designs or other options available online, make sure your signs share that information.

Consider Billboards

You may also want to invest in some billboards. In particular, find out the demographics of people who are most likely to travel through a certain area and choose a billboard that is going to reach your target crowd. Typically, you rent space on a billboard, and the people who sell that space should be able to answer your questions about the demographics in that area.

When choosing the text for your billboard, make sure your web address is prominent. Ideally, your web address should be easy to memorise. You want something people can see, understand and memorise as they drive by. If your web address is complicated, buy a few short URLs that can redirect to your site.

Utilise Car Signs

Remember, your car is like a moving billboard, and you should take advantage of that fact. You can order magnetic signs for your vehicle that advertise your website. You may even want to pay friends or family to advertise your website on their vehicles.

Hang Signs in Related Businesses

Finally, you may want to put signs in related businesses. This can be a great way to establish co-marketing opportunities with like-minded professionals in your area. For instance, if your website sells cloth diapers, you may want to see if a store that sells handmade wooden children's toys might advertise your website by putting up a sign in their shop. Similarly, if you sell workout clothing, you may want to put a sign in a local gym. In return, you can mention these businesses on your site.