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5 Signs You Should Choose Powder Coating for Your Metal

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If you want to add colour or a special finish to a piece of metal, you basically have two options: painting or powder coating. Both can work in a variety of situations, but there are clear advantages of powder coating. Wonder what option you should choose? Here are five signs that you should consider powder coating.

1. You Are Not Going to Do it Yourself

Almost anyone can apply a coat of paint to a piece of metal. You simply sand the metal a bit and then paint as usual. However, when it comes to powder coating, you usually need to pay a professional to do it for you.

You can order powder coating when you buy the metal, but in many cases, you can also bring your metal to a company that offers powder coating. Then, they can apply the coating for you at that time.

2. You Want a Long-Lasting Effect

In most cases, powder coating lasts longer than paint. Paint isn't really designed to stick to metal so it can flake off easily. Powder coating, in contrast, creates a thin layer of material that adheres to the metal for a long time. Although powder coating may be more expensive, you don't have to worry about the time and cost associated with repainting.

3. You Want More Durability

Generally, powder coating lasts longer than paint because it is more durable. A lot of this comes from the curing process. When someone applies powder coating to a piece of metal, the coating is exposed to extremely hot temperatures. The heat melts the power and binds it so that it is as durable as possible.

4. You Want an Environmentally Safe Option

Powder coating doesn't emit a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In contrast, when most paints dry, they tend to release VOCs. As a result, powder coating can be the friendlier option from an environmental perspective.

5. You Want to Customise the Coating

With paint, you generally have to choose the available options from the paint manufacturer. With powder coating, you can truly customise your coating. If you need corrosion resistance, waterproofing or other traits, you can opt for those. At the same time, you can also customise the exact colour you want. With powder coating, you can even play with different textures.

To learn more about the advantages of powder coating and to get a quote for your project, contact a powder coating specialist directly.