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Steel Fabrication: Three Central Considerations for Powder Coating Product Selection

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If you are ordering custom steel products from a specialist manufacturer, you should consider electing powder coating as your finishing process. There are multiple advantages of powder coating your products as opposed to choosing an alternative finishing method. This technique creates a resilient covering by curing a layer of free-flowing powder using heat. Therefore, the steel will be protected from the elements and consequently the risk of rusting will be low. Also, powder coats are highly attractive and will enhance the appeal of plain steel products. However, you should note that there are different types of powder coating materials, and the benefits of each option are different. Here are some considerations to help you select the best powder coat for your project. 

Coating Durability

When choosing a coating for your steel products, you should consider the durability of the material. In general, powder coatings are quite tough because of their structure and the application process. However, the different products will not last for the same period. Therefore, you should make a detailed comparison and choose the best option for your needs. Epoxy and polyester coatings are favoured because they are attractive and chemically resistant. Unfortunately, they are not durable for products intended for outdoor use. You should only choose this type of product for indoor applications. If you are looking for products with excellent exterior durability, you should consider alternatives like polyurethane and acrylic.

Performance Characteristics

You should check the specific performance characteristics of different powder coating products in the market. You can also discuss with your powder coating expert the properties that you would like your custom steel items to have after finishing. Often, manufacturers include special additives in their products to confer special characteristics to the final coating. For example, if your steel products are intended for installation in an outdoor environment, you should look for powder coats which can provide UV stability. Chemical resistance is also an important characteristic for items in industrial environments. Additionally, you might need to consider impact resistance, maintenance requirements and weatherability. 

Finish Appearance

Finally, you should choose a powder coat with an attractive finish to enhance the appeal of your custom steel products. This factor is critical if aesthetics are essential for the application of your fabricated item. Naturally, you should select a suitable colour. However, this is not the only important element of visual impact. Simply speaking, you should consider other aspects which influence finishing aesthetics, including the level of gloss, coating flatness, textures and special effects such as wrinkles and sparkles.