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Tips for Painting in Your Industrial Facility

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Occasionally, you may need to paint your industrial facility. You should utilise the tips any painter uses such as taping areas you don't want painted, ventilating the area whilst painting and similar ideas. Beyond that, however, there are specific tips you should keep in mind for success.

1. Stop Production

To make the process as safe, fast and easy as possible, halt production during the painting. If you absolutely cannot afford to stop production, try to schedule the industrial painting at night when your facility is closed. Alternatively, if you have to paint around workers, try working on segments of the facility. Shut down each area as you paint, then reopen and move to the next area.

2. Cover Machinery

To protect your industrial machinery from paint splatters, cover everything with tarps before you start painting. If you have sharp edges or protruding elements from your machinery, cover those with foam before putting on the tarp. That way, your tarp is less likely to rip.

3. Paint Machinery as Needed

When you don't want wall or ceiling paint to splatter on your equipment, there are cases where you will need to apply paint directly to your industrial equipment. In particular, if you have metal equipment in a corrosive environment, you may occasionally need to apply a protective layer of paint. Use paint designed for metal surfaces.

4. Keep Paint Away From Chemicals

If there are a lot of chemicals in your facility, they may intermingle with your paint and cause it to break down before you apply it. Always store paint away from chemicals that are releasing gasses or that could spill into the paint.

5. Opt for Low VOC Paint

In addition to choosing the paint that is best for the surfaces you are painting, you should also look for paint that is low VOC. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These are the compounds that make the pain dangerous to breathe.

Paint off gases VOCs as it dries, which is one of the reasons ventilation is essential. However, if you opt for low VOC, there is less off gassing, and it's safer for your workers to be around it.

6. Look for Antimicrobial Coating

You may also want to look for paint that has an antimicrobial coating. That helps to prevent the build up of mold and mildew on the painted areas in your facility.

Alternatively, consider hiring professional industrial painting contractors. They have the experience you need, and they're used to painting in these types of facilities.