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Advantages of Working With Bronze for Casting

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Bronze casting has been around since ancient times, and it's still effective today. Basically, a craftsperson makes a clay sculpture or designs a part using software. Then, they make a mould of that shape using rubber, and finally, they pour bronze into the mould to make the cast. There are huge advantages to using bronze in this process.


Bronze casting creates a highly durable result. In fact, there are bronze statues that have existed since ancient times. If you consider that these statutes have been around for well over a thousand years, you can rest assured that your bronze cast item is also going to be durable and potentially last for generations.

Corrosion Resistant

One of the reasons bronze sculptures last so long is because they are corrosion resistant. If you are developing a piece of art or even a piece of equipment that you need to use outside or in a generally corrosive environment, you may love this feature of bronze. Keep in mind bronze cast statues can sit outside for years in direct exposure to the elements, without any damage. The same is not true of many other materials.


In addition to its strength, bronze also has a lot of beauty. This metal alloy has a beautiful main colour, and it looks like it contains lots of other colours and highlights. Typically, the main colours are warm orangish colours (also called copper) that are reminiscent of the flames of a fire, and over time green accents can develop.

Friction Resistant

Of course, bronze casting doesn't just have to be used for beautiful items. Its properties also lend it well to a variety of industrial applications. For example, if you have a certain machine part cast from bronze, it can withstand the friction of being in a machine with other components. It can also stand up to constant exposure to other metals without getting damaged.

Easy to Weld

Additionally, if you need to do a repair on something in your industrial facility, you may need to do some welding. In most cases, bronze tends to be easier to weld than some other metals. That can make it faster to do repairs.

If you have a sculpture and you want to turn it into a bronze cast statute, you may want to contact a company who does bronze casting. On the other side of the spectrum, these companies can also help you with industrial parts and components. Contact a bronze cast company directly to learn more.