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How To Stay Safe When Using A Portable Generator

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Some people get involved in accidents because they overlooked the implementation of a safety measure while they were installing a portable generator on their property. This article discusses some of the crucial safety measures that you should take during generator installation.


Many portable generators need to be grounded while some don't. Confirm whether grounding is necessary by checking the manual of the generator that you have hired for use at your residence or business premises. Buy a copper grounding rod and drive it into the ground close to the generator. Use a wire of the recommended gauge to connect the copper rod to the ground terminal on your generator. Omitting this simple process of grounding the generator can have serious consequences in case a short circuit develops within the electrical system of the generator.

A Change-Over Switch

It is also important for you to install a change-over switch in case you plan to connect the generator's power to the electrical system at your premises. This switch helps to prevent the power from the generator from back-feeding into the utility supply system. The switch can also protect your premises and appliances from being damaged in case power is restored while the generator is still running. Get a professional to install this switch in case you lack the skills for that task.

Appropriate Extension Cords

You should acquire extension cords that are rated for outdoor use. These cords are designed to withstand the stresses of being exposed to the elements, such as direct sunlight. Their power rating should also be in tandem with the power that they will be carrying from the generator. Make sure that the cord is not coiled at any point because it can overheat at that point and melt.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Setting up carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be done if you are using the generator on your premises. These devices will alert you in time in case any risk, such as rising carbon monoxide levels, occurs when the generator is in use. Change the batteries of those devices as recommended by their manufacturer so that their performance is not compromised.

Several other factors, such as the selection of the best installation location, need to be considered when you plan to use a generator in your home or business. It may, therefore, be wise for you to get help from a professional during the installation process so that you do not overlook anything important that can result in avoidable problems.

For more information or advice, contact a generator hire service.