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Why Choose Powder Coating for a Finish?

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Providing both decoration and protection, powder coating is a tried and tested industrial process which is frequently used by manufacturers, fabricators and even individuals. Often used to coat a metal product, powder is mixed with a pigment to give it a vibrant hue as well as a resin which means it can be applied to the piece that is being covered easily before hardening. Finely ground particles are combined with these other materials because their small size has the beneficial effect of allowing the coating to be applied very evenly and without any blotches or bald areas. Essentially, the finer the power that is used, the greater consistency of covering that can be achieved. This is in contrast to many paint applications, for example, which can be uneven when they are brushed on by machine or hand. Why else do so many manufacturers opt for powder coating their metal products these days?

Cost Effectiveness

Most businesses that make a product that needs to be finished in some way are looking for an efficient way of doing so that offers a high level of quality but with a reasonable cost. In some large-scale factories, powder coating plant is installed to finish products or components before they roll of the production line. When scaled-up, such an industrial process can be very cost effective. For smaller operators, sub-contracting their finishing operations means that the benefits of powder coating their products can still be enjoyed at a reasonable rate. In Australia, there are several businesses which offer this sort of third-party service to manufacturing and fabrication firms working with metal components.

Long Lasting

One of the chief reasons that metalworking firms opt for powder coating their products is that the process leaves items incredibly robust. Coating of this type is scratch and chip resistant in a way that outperforms most other finishing options. Indeed, the long-lasting nature of powder coating extends to its ability to withstand exposure to sunlight. Where many coloured finishes might fade with years of ultra-violet rays falling on them, powder coated products keep their sheen and don't look drab even when they are permanently out in the often harsh Australian sunshine.

Solvent Free

Some finishes which manufacturers might opt for instead of powder coating contain elements which can pollute the environment. Among these are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that are known to cause environmental damage. Powder coatings, on the other hand, are largely free from solvents and VOCs so are much less damaging over the long term.